Verse 1
We Sit Alone
We Are So Stoned
We Don’t Know
Who We Are Or Where We Are
We Always Forgot What To Do
But That’s The Way
When You Live Like We Do
We Live For The Moment
We’re Just Living To Die

You Swore To Me That You Had Kicked The Habit
You Swore To Me That You Had Given It Up
We Swore Together We Would Kick The Habit
But It Seems Like I’m The Only One Who Tried

Verse 2
We Are So Vacant Out Of Waiting For Life
The Addictions Got Us Instead
And There’s No Getting Out
We Tried To Get Out We Made A Pat
We Made A Promise But It Didn’t Last
Why Cant You Keep Your Promises To Me
Keep Your Promises To Me

We Tried So Hard To Feel So Alive
We Forgot That We Couldn’t Fly
The Drugs That Make Us Feel So Alive
What’s The Point Of Living To Die


from Late Nights and Early Mornings, released December 31, 2008



all rights reserved


Two Step Suzy Mott, North Dakota

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